Revision Knee Replacement Surgery

70 years old active male patient with osteo- arthritis in both his knee joints underwent Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery. 7 years later his left knee replacement failed (there was loosening of metal joint from bone - which is the commonest cause of failure after Total Knee Replacement). He required a Revision Knee Replacement surgery which is a very complex procedure. Even at the age of 70 years he was a very active person who wanted to get his mobility back. So he underwent Revision Total Knee Replacement Surgery at Ratan Hospital in which his previous joint was removedusing specialized instruments and a new Joint specifically designed for such situation was re- fixed using special long stems. Revision Joint Replacement surgeries are totally different from Primary Joint Replacement Surgeries and require special expertise, appropriate infrastructure and availability of a dedicated team of Revision Joint Replacement Surgeon, Expert Anesthetist trained in Regional Blocks, Pain Management Consultant and a Physiotherapist, which we have at Ratan Hospital.