DIGITAL X- RAY (Fujifilm®, JAPAN) : Ratan Hospital has an in house Digital X – ray system for rapid and accurate diagnosis of fractures and other orthopedic problems.

  ULTRA- MODERN OPERATION THEATRES : (Class - 100 Laminar Airflow System to provide germ free environment, State-of-art anesthesia equipment, Modern infection control systems)
Ratan Hospital has a world class operating Room capable of performing all major Orthopedic Surgeries including Joint Replacement Surgery. Class – 100 Laminar Airflow system is designed as per International standards and it provides ultra clean air to the operation theatre to reduce chances of infection to almost zero.

  BODY EXHAUST SUITES (Stryker®, USA) : Body Exhaust Suits (commonly referred to as Space suits) are used by surgeon and operating team to prevent any cross – infection to the patient.

  IITV : Intra- Operative Digital X-Rays for precise fracture fixation and minimally invasive surgeries.

  LATEST ARTHROSCOPY SYSYTEM (Smith & Nephew®, USA) : Modern Key-hole surgery for treatment of joint disorders.

  ADVANCE INSTRUMENT STERILIZATION SYSTEMS : Horizontal High pressure Autoclaving System (mediquip®), ETO Sterilizer (Etylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer - PCI®), Ultra-Sonic Instrument Cleaner with Enzyme bath.

  MODERN PAIN MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS : Pain medication delivered by sophisticated Infusion Pumps (Fresenius Kabi®, Germany) for a sustained pain relief without any side effects.

  VACUUM ASSISTED CLOSURE SYSTEM : For managing bad and neglected surgical wounds.

  WELL FURNISHED ROOMS AND WARDS : Economy as well as premium packages are available. All the rooms and wards are Air-conditioned for patient comfort.