It is one of the best Centers of Ahmedabad for undergoing Joint Replacement Surgery. It offers Primary, Complex Primary and Revision Total Joint Replacement Surgeries. Primary Joint Replacement surgery means that the patient has not undergone any form of surgical intervention for Arthritis and is usually managed by conventional type of artificial Joint Replacement Center in Ahmedabad Complex Primary means that the patient’s arthritis is complicated with severe bone loss, deformity, stiffness, ligament insufficiency, muscular imbalance, severe osteoporosis, previous surgery like HTO (High Tibial Osteotomy) and requires specialized type of artificial joint. Revision Joint Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Joint Replacement Surgery means removing an existing failed artificial Joint and implanting a customized Joint. It is a highly specialized surgery which requires state-of-art infrastructure.
Knee, Hip, Shoulder and Elbow are commonly replaced here at Ratan Hospital.